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Free Presentation: Entheogens & Liberation:
the Emergence of the Condor
Sunday, September 25 at 1PM (EST)
Carlos Plazola, Chair, DN National
At Wealthy Theatre & Online
(RSVP on "blog")

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We are members of the nationwide community working to decriminalize entheogenic plants, restore our root connection to nature, and improve human health and well-being. We are working towards decriminalization–not legalization. We value equitable access and do not want a highly regulated environment for plant medicines, which can lead to corporate dominance. Instead we are working to protect individuals and small community groups from arrest or incarceration for growing, gathering and gifting these sacred plants and fungi.


Like communities in over 100 cities across the country, we seek to decriminalize natural entheogenic plants and fungi. Decriminalize Nature Grand Rapids does not endorse or encourage any illegal behavior. 

Diversity Statement

Decriminalize Nature GR is committed to inclusivity. We strive for representative diversity in our membership and in those who follow and support us. We will continue to work for equity in the distribution of benefits that may accrue from our work. We promote freedom of choice for all in healing methods and in worship ceremonies.

Why decriminalize nature?

1) American liberty and personal freedom

Human beings and American citizens have an unalienable natural right to use plants and fungi of their choice. Prosecution for possession of natural plants shall become the lowest law enforcement priority of the state of Michigan, and state funds may not be used for this purpose.


2) Personal and spiritual growth

These plants can catalyze profound experiences which can have a lasting benefit. 

Johns Hopkins Achievements

Psilocybin can catalyze spiritual experiences


3) Safety

Except for a few specific contraindications psychedelic plants are extraordinarily safe and non-addictive.


4) Treat addiction

Entheogenic plants have proven they can help people who wish to end a variety of the most tenacious addictions and substance use issues. 

Psychedelics Treating Problematic Drug and Alcohol Use

therapeutic promise for psilocybinPsilocybin and Tobacco Addiction

5) Improve mental health

Plant and fungi medicines, when properly used, make a significant contribution to the maintenance of good mental health, and to the success of therapeutic interventions. Mental health problems like addiction, suicide, overdose, depression, and anxiety are currently present at high levels; plant and fungi medicines can be helpful.

6) Improve our impact on the environment

Consciousness exploration using plants tends to restore a bond between people and the natural world. This impulse helped generate the modern environmental movement. The experience of connecting with nature can create forward movement for adopting solutions and mindsets to address environmental disasters.

7) Strong positive research

Treatment for Anxiety from Autism and from Advanced Cancer

Conclusive Research for Mental Health 

Positive Changes in Attitude; Deep Personal Meaning


8) Equity

People must ultimately be allowed to cultivate their own plants and fungi.


9) Inclusion

We seek to include indigenous people, cultures, plants and fungi


10) Safe & responsible practice

We will work actively to encourage safe and responsible practice through the development and dissemination of educational materials. 


The Red Project 

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1. Love for humanity and nature; Honor the sacred 
2. It is an unalienable right to develop our own relationship with nature; Decriminalize Nature first and forever 
3. Organizing diverse communities that represent the local city’s population; Non-commodification, non-regulation, avoid models of scarcity 
4. Decentralization: grassroots, local voices, supporting each other 
5. Equitable access: Grow, Gather, Gift 
6. Open source/access: we freely offer all of our material (e.g. resolutions, frameworks,  processes, stances, name, graphics, logo) 
7. Transparency: Budget, discussions, dialogues, etc. are openly shared to keep  everyone informed

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Incarceration recidivism

End-of-life anxiety & grief

Tobacco & alcohol dependence

Treatment-resistant & recurrent depression

Parkinson’s and other Neurodegenerative diseases

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